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I was out at Joaquin Miller two weekends ago and did Cinderella for the first time. It was kind of funny because the friends I went with heard about Cinderella on the net but had NO idea what it was. I was the only one that didn't up flat on my back with my bike on top of me or in the bushes beside the trail. :laughing When's the next mellow ride? :teeth
I managed to round up some folks from the east bay and meet at a bar in Albany..some SFers made it, and even Eldirty showed up from Marin.

Kinda strange having this "conversation"....that isn't really careful what ya say mah dear:shhh
That would be great...


Have you taken the mtn bike out recently?
Hows it goin luv ?!?! How was lastnite ?? I was sooooooooo sleepy lasnite it wasnt even funny. :(
So we should probably continue to keep our steamier NC-17 conversations to PM then, right?
will u be my friend? LOL

even tho u have a duc, u are still worthy of riding with real japanese bikes...

hahahahahahaa, dave
It can be.....:laughing

Everyone and their mom can see all the conversations when they check yer profile...