Prescription glasses frames recommendations??

jon r

Hello all. My combo of a Shoei RF1200 and RayBan glasses frames does not work well at all... Any frame recommendations from the visually challenged out there? Thanks, Jon:staRang


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I have the exact same helmet, my glasses are from Costco, the frames are Bulova and they fit well inside my helmet. The frames are thin (cheap?) so that helps. Are you sure you have the right size helmet? Also, not every head shape fits well into every helmet so maybe that could be a factorI think I have more of an oval shaped head for example.


If you want a more rounded shape, the Joseph Abboud JOE 4032 works well with the RF-1200. The temples are spring loaded, ridgid and slip into the helmet easily.


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I always bring my helmet when shopping for new frames.
Sounds silly, I know, but riding home with a new pair of progressive lenses that wouldn’t stay in a position where I could actually see was really unnerving. I ended up having to get a new helmet. Expensive mistake.


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My riders are the flexon. Minimal thin frame. Super comfortable and easy in and out.

They are tough. Had a pair fly out at a track day at about 80mph when I glanced back and my shield flipped open and they got sucked out. Thought I was f’d. At lunch I walked the track and there were. AOK on the front straight at Laguna.

Not cheap but tough and purposes built. They even have a vid on their site of a motorcycle running over a pair :laughing


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+1 for Flexon
My brother used to own an eyeglass store and he built me a pair many years ago. I still wear Flexons.


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Always shop helmets and glasses with trying on both. Some helmets are not glasses friendly at all. Some helmets only marginally compatible with glasses

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Weird, I have that helmet with Ray Ban prescription glasses (RB 5150) and I have no issues.

Just checking, are you trying to put your helmet on with your glasses still on? I always remove my glasses, put helmet on, then put glasses back on (and reverse that for removing my helmet).


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I take my glasses off, put my helmet on then push the chin bar up so that the glasses channels in the helmet align better for then slipping my glasses on. You'll figure out how far up your need to push your helmet up and after a while it'll become automatic.