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mean dad

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Nah, not me.

Can't vent on fb because they haven't said anything to anyone and it's not my business to tell their business.
I kinda want to post a "Want to tour *Insert Any Indian* Park. Is it safe?" thread

but it's not worth the effort :laughing


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totally you should do it
(but this is how forums go bad. one loonie posts only his crappy stuff and people start responding in an elastic-band effect)

OK so how does it go for people at work who say "I don't think it's my job to.. "

for frame of reference.. someone who has to inspect my stuff has problems using a Mac... one recent highlight was that "she didn't have a mouse"(i.e. broke or something).. Well why don't you use the laptop's touchpad? "But my laptop is closed". --> : | :facepalm #notmy..
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After 20 hours of fasting I just ate half a blueberry pie and 10 hot wings. Might have to reevaluate and tune things a little.


Saw The Pianist tonight. Somber flick as are all WWII Jewish atrocity flicks. Didn’t realize it was released so long ago.