Moto Guzzi: First Time Service


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I recently bought a Moto Guzzi V7 iii 2020. The dealership I bought it from (Eurocycles Sonoma) told me to bring it in for maintenance once I reached 600 miles on the bike, particularly for the valve adjustment.

Looking for any advice if I should go back to them for the service, to Munroe Motors in SF, or to Spirit Motorcyles in San Jose. I live in Daly City and don't mind the drive if it means quality service/reasonable prices.

Just want to treat my bike right.


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Well first mistake on their part, the first service is due at 900 miles.

And you can't really drive it in for the service and wait. The valve clearance needs to be checked cold. So that service is a drop it off and pick it up in a day or two type of thing.

The first service is not that hard to do yourself, if you have done any sort of working on bikes. You can do the valve adjustment without even pulling the tank, just the valve covers off, and the adjustments are the screw/nut type, not the shim bucket type (so very easy to adjust).

I bought my MG from Spirit in San Jose, and I really wanted to support the local dealer, but they wanted ~$550 for the first service. (And all dealers want about the same)

First service is:
- oil & filter change
- transmission oil change
- valve clearance check
- check bolts
- and sure, lube the kickstand pivot and stuff like that

I just could not part with $550 for that and did it myself.

The service manuals are free too.

As for a service tech doing the work correctly, I would not expect any of the three to be any better/worse than the other. For price, they are probably all about the same, give or take $50.

You might make the decision on lead times. At one point I checked, Spirit had a 3 week lead time to get an appointment for service.


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Just checked the manual... Manufacturer recommendation is at 900 miles. Maybe I misheard the guy but my friend who drove me to the dealership heard the same thing. *sighs*

Thanks for the video. I will check it and see if I think I can handle it. I am brand new when it comes to motorcycles, but I am definitely willing to learn the mechanics of them.

Also, will check out that other shop to see what it's like. Much appreciated.


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Also, if you go down the do it yourself path, I really like AF1 Racing in Austin, TX. Big Moto Guzzi shop.

Here is a link to their page of Rough categories:

And one big thing to watch out for ... do not put too much engine oil in the motor. Have it at mid dip stick or lower. Do not go to the Full level of the dip stick.

If you do, then oil gets spit up the crankcase breather hose, into the airbox, and then runs down into the throttle bodies. Gunks them up, makes your motor burn the oil (not that damaging really, but can smoke if excessive), and it can cause a sporadic idle.

Also, the valve cover gaskets are the rubber type (not a paper type gasket), so they are re-usable. So probably not something you'll need to replace for several valve checks. An official Moto Guzzi shop will replace them, not stupid expensive but maybe another $20.