Guerneville Dual-sporting?

Most BARF riders per capita: Lower Haight? I’m at Webster & Waller. We need a section in Ride Reports! I’m in for rides on Tenere 700! I know natethegreat’s secret lair location, and an right around the corner. Watching thread. Watch out as I’m old and slow. Haha.

Ha, I remember our chat, I also remember the Moto Guzzi you had previously. I'd stare at that bike every time I walked the dog around that block.
Well that was a fun weekend. Even after sitting for over a few months, a fresh charge on the Lithium battery and a good shake of the gas tank to mix up whatever stratified out and the DRZ fired right up. Took Panoramic to Ridgecrest to BoFax and then 1 to the Bohemian Highway to get to Guerneville which was beautiful and just a bit chilly leaving around 3:30pm no muss no fuss aside from some dude in a work truck getting aggro with me for passing on the dashed yellow with a wide berth? Guess his week hand't gone so well...:dunno

Saturday I kept it short and just took 116 > 1 > Meyers Ranch > Seaview Rd > Hauser Bridge > Kings Ridge > Cazadero. I don't think I've ever done the entire section of kings ridge and definitely never north to south, beautiful and entertaining. Momma Cows were looking surely with the calves nearby (and crossing the road) so I didn't stop for any human bovine selfies. Should have also nabbed Fort Ross road off Cazadero on the way back but I wasn't sure if I had time.

Sunday I left around 3pm and took Sweetwater which I promptly realized I'd done before on the Hypermotard last fall. Roadway was pretty dirty so being on the lighter DRZ with knobbies gave me a (maybe false) sense of security. From there I meandered over to Harrison Grade > Coleman Valley Rd which I haven't done in ages. Riding it towards 1 was spectacular, if a bit blinding at times. Leaving that late meant a fair bit of traffic on 1, but I was rewarded with a nice sunset just past Stinson beach.


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+1 ... love this pic:

Thanks! I had a actual camera with me though I didn't end up using it much. I got it out and snapped some shots while watching the sun dip below the horizon. I'll have to get those downloaded and see if anything good turned out.