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Ok figured I would ask the crew here instead of trusting the interwebs.

I am going to want to start making some sausages and my kamodo is kind of a pain to do a super long low temp smoke so I am looking at pellet smokers to make my life easier...... So fess up and tell me if you have one and if you like it. Also any pros/cons of the smoker would be greatly appreciated. Trying to stay on the lower end if possible as it won't be my main smoker..
I have used a Bradley pellet smoker. I made spatch chickens and ribs.

With the exception of emptying out the "ash", it was thoughtless.

It did not have as rich a smoke as I would have expected / experienced by using wood.


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So I am going to use it to smoke linguica and some other sausages so not sure how smoke flavored I want it to be just want to get some smokiness on it though.
I think it would be pretty perfect for sausages and such.

I will be testing it again, in the near term, on a costco packer


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It's the only way I go now for proper steak sear but it's a great way to grill chicken without wasting fuel and starting up the full smoker,


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I know it is blasphemy for this thread but lately I have been using cast iron to do my steaks. they don't have the grill marks but damn the sear on them is solid and they are so good, so I have kind of moved away from the grill for steaks.

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Here are my baby backs from last weekend. Top is a dry rub I've done before and the bottom was wrapped with brown sugar, honey, and butter. Not to toot my own horn, but holy shit they were the best ribs I've ever eaten in my life.


Yesterday I smoked a tri-tip for the first time. I went in looking for a pork shoulder and they had some prime really nicely marbled tri-tip so I got that instead. I did the 3-2-1 method on that. Also smoked a beauty 4 lb lightning trout I caught on Friday. We brined it for about 6 hrs then smoked for 3. I tried to keep it between 225 and 250.

The fish came out amazing. I was really worried about the tri-tip because it was grey and almost 200 degrees when I took it off. But you could cut it with a fork and it melted as you ate it. Overall it was time well spent. I like cooking where most of what I’m doing is cutting wood and tending a fire (and drinking beer and smoking cigars). .

Rounded out the meal with red lobster biscuits (from a box) and home made ceviche. I hadn’t eaten all day and all I wanted was more room to eat more of it all.


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Those ribs, i need them in mah belly!


Smoked trout is one of the best things in the world, and yours looks perfect!