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Since COVID stuff happened, it’s harder and harder to get to a range. We tried to go to Field Sports Park, but you have to make a reservation- I think we’d not be able to go until months out.

My step-son and I got some cool, tactical BB guns: a Crosman AK (which has full auto mode haha) and a Glock 17 replica. They both look and feel remarkably “real”. Granted, we live out in the country on some acreage, but still close enough to neighbors where shooting “real” firearms would be an issue. The action on both are pretty damn realistic, too.

We plan on getting some hay bales, setting up targets and “training” (more like goofing off), but the other day we just went old school and shot cans.

The full auto on the AK is a novelty, and I actually prefer semi-auto mode. The Glock is amazing and if it weren’t for lack of recoil, feels much like the real thing in the hand.

For around $380, we were OTD with the two guns, a 25 pack of c02’s and a canister of 6000 BB’s.

Super fun, cheap, no 10 day, and all the giggles of pinking. If you live in an area where this would be feasible, I’d recommend them highly. Nothing like I had growing up!


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Just got some pellets and a pellet trap to teach my grandson how to shoot with an old Crossman pump gun.... Finding pellets was kind of hard everyone was out. It's pretty bad when you can't even find BBs or pellets for airguns..


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How many shots can you get from one CO2 canister with the Glock replica?

I think we got 3-4 magazines, which holds 18 rounds (literally copper round balls). The AK went through 3-4 30 round mags but that one takes two c02’s.

It’s great because we just go out to the backyard which is huge in the countryside and let them rip.

*we still have screen time issues, even out in the country.:rolleyes


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So we’ve really been enjoying these plinkers. We have a lot of “real” guns and plenty of ammo, but with a shortage of everything and shooting ranges being limited, we are quite enjoying this as we get in our range time and it’s cheap, fun and plentiful. I’m even nervous about shooting through my .22lr, this this works perfectly. I highly recommend getting into these.

Since the action is so realistic, it gives us all the opportunity to “train” as if they are the real thing. We’ve marked off 7, 10 and 25 yards, and of course, hung cans and plastic jugs to be shot (the sound is satisfying!).

*Sorry, I don’t know why pictures turn upside down when I upload from my phone*


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Matty D

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We have a Red Ryder that lives in our van. Super fun for plinking empty beer cans and whatever else is around, and we don't need to mess with CO2 canisters. (Don't need the extra cost or hassle, and although I'm no crusader, those canisters are not great for the environment.)