BARF Rallies 2021


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Roger, Hopefully Lisa can make it this year and looking forward to seeing you again.
Ahh, Barf rallies. Quality time with quality folks.


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Ahh, Barf rallies. Quality time with quality folks.

Will I See You In September? Yes! Room booked in Virginia City. Looking forward to seeing and riding with you people again. Let's celebrate :party Pandemic Recovery (I hope, fingers crossed)

Great riding across that area. Hwy 341 right thru town ROCKS! It's a really sweet road. :ride I saw a Ferrari club run a time trial there.


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you're the man! :gsxrgrl
here's a pic for you:


just made my reservation at the 49er for 7/29-31/2021. :party

puts me on Anthony Peak on Monday, 7/26, Bully Choop on 7/28 and watching the sunrise on Weaver Bolly on 7/29 ... :ride

tried to make my reservations at the Silverland Motel for the Rydther Rally, 2021, but they didn't answer this pm ... will havfta try again tomorrow. :x

I remember that morning John!
boom! BARF HoHo Midsummer Magic banner ads, ftw:


speaking as someone who’s sometimes confused for one, love the dirty-hippy purple, myself. :thumbup:ride