BARF Rallies 2021


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Just being hopeful.
Start with the one that has the best shot of happening.

Hope we get to Rydther = Virginia City = September 10-12
Silverland Motel.
100 E Street
Once I set it up you can tell them you are with the Bay Area Riders Forum (John is the manager). I have sent in the request.

Dinner: Caterer onsite. They have the banquet room, patio and bar reserved. There prices for the bar are super reasonable.

Back Parking lot facing patio would be a great spot for a slow race.
We could do a late afternoon like 4:30 to 5:30 pm to lead into dinner.


For now.. a date to block off. I assume there is not much on your calendar so probably not too hard. :p

Any other rallies will be added based on the Covid status.

Just thought I would throw out some hope on a nice sunny January Saturday.
Really hoping that the vaccine gets us to the starting line for enjoying our rallies.


We are going to schedule one more.. get your vaccines!!!
Wear your mask etc. Need to get this shite under control

Ho Ho = Weaverville = July 30th August 1.
The 49er Gold Country Inn
718 Main Street
Tell Bobert Barf sent you!

Alternate Motel.
Trinity Motel

Dinner: per two wheel tramps wim!
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bicycles 'n motos
Yeah, yeah, yeah! :thumbup
Ride, ride, ride!!
Rally,rally, rally!!! :party

Fingers crossed and hopes high
for some BARF fun

Interested, I got a buddy trying to get me to AZ this fall and another buddy wanting to do the NV BDR this fall as well. Guess everyone's itching for some miles in 2021!


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In short ....

We ride
We mingle and party
We ride
We mingle and party
We ride.....

You know... the best of times.

Look forward to seeing you Wanker!


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I've let my liver get soft. Looks like I'll have to start working it out to be in shape for rally season.
Can anyone recommend an exercise regime to get my liver in shape?
What is this Rally thing y’all be commenting on?


Rally rally rally!!!!