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    FOUND * WTB: Kendon 3-rail dirt/sportbike trailer

    Hi all, Looking for a Kendon 3-rail Dirt/sportbike trailer (the 2 rail ride up won't fit in my garage). See link below. Located in SF and willing to travel ~2-3 hrs to pick up. Let me know if you are selling...
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    Where to hem motorcycle jeans

    Hi all, Just bought a pair or Klim Fifty 2 jeans and need the length hemmed (jeans fit great otherwise). Anybody have recommendations for a tailor in SF to hem motorcycle jeans? Or would taking it to a typical tailor work?
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    Travelling to a race

    If you could travel to watch a race anywhere in the world, which would it be? The last moto race I went to was motoGP at Laguna Seca! :ride
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    Crash on the track...does the tow cost $?

    Out of curiosity - when/if one crashes on the track, is there a cost to tow the motorcycle off and to have the paramedic check you out? In the car world, it was always very pricey to have the tow truck come take you off the track.
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    American Supercamp Reviews?

    Has anybody taken a course with Any thoughts? New rider here looking to speed up the learning curve as fast as possible. :ride
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    How long before a track day?

    Hello BARF! I finally got my m1 license and have my heart set on tracking my bike (use to track my m3!). Obviously going to get comfortable in a parking lot/street for awhile but how long did you guys wait before your first track day?!
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    New from SF!

    Been lurking since 2012 but finally decided to get my M1! Can't wait to start this hobby.