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  1. ttsang91

    Rekluse Clutch Z Start Pro 05+YZ450 07+WR450

  2. ttsang91

    R&G Frame Sliders for 2019+ 690 SMC R / 701 Supermoto

    I received these directly from R&G on July 1st. They were on the bike for one ride only before I took them off. They're pretty much new. I just didn't like them because if you ride foot out they get right in the way. They should fit 2016+ 701 supermotos and the Enduro R. Asking $60 OBO. They...
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    2018 Z125 Pro

  4. ttsang91

    Bridgestone RS10 120/70-17

    Only has about 800 miles on it. 2-3 kart track days and they were cold days so it really didn't get up to temp. About 95% life left or more.. Manufacture date 26/18 Asking $80 OBO
  5. ttsang91

    Bridgestone S20 Evo 150/60-17

    I have a Bridgestone S20 for sale. Size is 150/60-17. Manufacture Date 46/18 It only has about 800 road miles on it and 2 cold track days. I did pick up a screw but I patched it and it does not leak. Asking $60 OBO
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    Puig Windscreen 14-16 1290 Super Duke

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    Lifetime Tamarack Angler 10ft Kayak

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    Diablo Rosso II 120/70-17

    I have a Diablo Rosso II for sale. Size 120/70-17 Date code: 26/18 It's close to wear bar, might work to get you by for a few months or maybe a track day.. $60 OBO Will trade for a Q3 in a size 150/60-17 or another appropriate supermoto rear.
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    Springfield Armory Gear Up Package Deal

    I just thought I'd share this for anyone that's in the market for an XD9 or 1911. 5 mags, hardcase, range bag, mag holder and holster for the price of the gun. The holster is probably trash, but the 5 mags alone is probably worth it and the gun bag. Available guns 1911 Loaded (Parkerized &...
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    2016 Tacoma TRD Sport Wheels and Tires

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    Alpinestars Gloves - GP Pro & GP Plus Size:Md

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    SOLD * Sena SMH10

  13. ttsang91

    SOLD * Sena 20S

    Selling my Sena 20S. It works fine and has been for the past year. I just switched over to a Cardo unit and don't need the Sena. These have different speakers than the original ones. Apparently these are better according to the po. They've worked fine for me. And it comes with a spare speaker...
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    (2) Alpinestars SMX Plus 9 US EURO 43

  15. ttsang91

    GONE * Free Alpinestars 2 Piece Suit

    Hey there, I received this suit a few months ago for free. I didn't really want it and it was just thrown at me. So I'm gonna throw it at one of you.. The leather is old and kinda dried out. It definitely needs a good cleaning. It's never been worn and the pockets still have the silica packets...
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    Scorpion Tempest Winter Gloves Size LG

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    Alpinestars Fast Lane Shoes Size 9 US 42 EUR

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    2015 KTM Super Duke Full Akra ECU Flash

    I'm not entirely sure where I should be asking this...but here it goes.. I want to change my exhaust to the full system Akrapovic, which requires the ECU Akrapovic flash. Obviously it states this is for "offroad" use only but this will be on my daily :thumbup I know this isn't street legal but...