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  1. CABilly

    Vacaville PD: K9 Ground & Pound

    Fair warning the video in the linked article is disturbing Well? I’ve never seen police dog training but I have two professionally trained hunting dogs and getting in full mount and dropping bombs was never part of “establishing dominance.” Dominance theory training is increasingly being shown...
  2. CABilly

    WiFi Router/Modem

    Anyone with XFinity Home use their own router? I'm not happy with the one from Comcast. I'd rather buy my own and stop renting theirs. Those Arlo setups look fancy but are 2x a similar unit. Are you just paying for that sleek plastic body? What's a good replacement for the XFinity tower...
  3. CABilly

    Adding Teen to Insurance

    Our kid has his permit and we are ready for him to start driving us around. But holy shit I had no idea it would more than double our insurance. Is that normal? We have 4 cars fully covered. Apparently Progressive doesn't allow us to just add him to one or two vehicles (not the nice ones). Do...
  4. CABilly

    Are Counterfeit Guitars a Thing?

    I've been wanting to get back into guitar playing. I was never that great but I want to work on a creative outlet. I really like the looks, sound, and rock roots of the Gibson Les Paul and SG guitars. I obviously don't want to pay the prices for a new one so I was looking instead to Epiphone...
  5. CABilly

    Water Rowing Machine pros/cons?

    I've been thinking about being less of a lazy piece of shit and I like the looks and function of those walnut rowing machines with the tank of water for resistance. It seems a good low-impact arms, legs, and core workout, without having to join a cult and sit on a bicycle seat. Anyone with...
  6. CABilly


    How have I gone this long without ever having heard of this magical elixir? We first had some in Tahoe after feasting at a German restaurant. A little after-dinner shot of this juice and those giant beers and mounds of food all just seems to settle in. If you are at a bar and see these little...
  7. CABilly

    1971 R5 350

    My dad has been on a retirement kick fixing up old Japanese bikes from his youth. Today he handed down to me this sick 1971 Yamaha R5 350. It’s pretty much stock except for the front disc brake and I guess the pipes aren’t OG. It just needs a final tune to be 100% and since I’m not skilled...
  8. CABilly

    Car Searching

    Is there an easy way to search for a used car? Craiglsist doesn't have much results and going from dealer site to dealer site is driving me crazy. I'm looking for a 2016+ Yukon XL Denali 4x4. Ideally a late 2018 with the 10-speed transmission. I'm not quite ready to strike but trying to keep...
  9. CABilly

    Carburator Tuning

    Well, I finally took possession of my dad's old Capri. He put a 5.0 in it and it has an Edelbrock 1406 electronic choke carb. He had it tuned by a guy who knows his shit and they fixed all the vacuum leaks and got it running great. On a cold start it idles at a nice 800 rpm. It's a 5-speed so...
  10. CABilly

    4y/o Dog Hates New Puppy

    Well, that's it. We drove up to northeast Utah Friday to pick up Jeffrey, our new golden retriever puppy. It was a family adventure, including a fun time camping out in a WalMart parking lot in sub-freezing temps because EVERY hotel in the region was sold out for Valentine's day (even the shitty...
  11. CABilly

    Amending Credit Report

    Anyone have any experience getting a CC company to remove a negative report? I did the ol set it and forget it autopay feature for a Capital One card (18 months interest free, so why not?) and unfortunately only nailed the forget it part. Soon as I got the notification that the payment was past...
  12. CABilly

    Budget Home Theater

    I have a JBL 2.1 soundbar/sub combo that recently shit itself where the sub won't pair with the soundbar. It's only 13 months old, no warranty and no help from customer support. Googling solutions is so far fruitless. I think I paid around $200 for it and clearly bottom rung stuff gets you...
  13. CABilly

    LiveNation Conspired w Artists to Scalp Their Own Tickets

    Have you tried buying concert tickets lately? It's maddening. For almost ANY show, tickets sell out almost instantly. Then you have to head over to StubHub or some other reselling outfit and pay exorbitant prices there. And the fees? $70 or more per ticket. Well. It turns out that there may be...
  14. CABilly

    Early 00's 7.3L Excursion?

    Boy is starting high school in a few months and is finally gaining a social circle. We are also getting another dog. Wife says we should get a larger vehicle. We currently have an '05 Tahoe sans 3rd row seating and an '07 CR-V. Well, I was thinking about a Suburban, but I've always thought...
  15. CABilly

    Shia LaBeouf Live

    This video and song is just amazing. I thought it deserved its own thread, but I guess mods can feel free to move it to Awesome Videos. o0u4M6vppCI
  16. CABilly

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    It’s finally here! Not the most action packed episode but still a good setup for the rest of the season.
  17. CABilly

    Dog Füd

    Well, I thought I was doing good, feeding Gomer a 5-star rated dog food that wasn't a million dollars (although still pretty pricey). He eats it with no fuss, poops normal, looks great. Then come to find out that like half the ingredients are being investigated by the FDA for links to canine...
  18. CABilly

    Room in Willow Glen

    Back on the market available for immediate move-in. Last guy wound up with another obligation and had to back out. Ok, this is a good opportunity for the right person. I have a 2-br apartment with shared bathroom. It's below street level, back away from any main street so it's both quiet and...
  19. CABilly

    RIP Stephen Hillenburg

    The guy who created SpongeBob Squarepants passed away at 57 from ALS. He was only diagnosed a year ago. SpongeBob Squarepants is one of my favorite shows. It's the perfect blend of silliness and some hidden adult humor without being cynical...
  20. CABilly

    Upscaling a Business?

    Question for teh BARF entrepreneurs: My wife works for a very small company that is rapidly growing. She is the "Director of Sales" and her book of accounts is also rapidly growing. They have a website, go to multiple physical marketplaces (Treasure Fest and mostly farmers' markets), and are a...